Business Integrity

Respect for values, integrity and correctness are a constant commitment for all Hubrum personnel in the management of the corporate activities.


In its business relations, no matter how significant they are, Hubrum is inspired by and complies with the principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and openness to the market.

To this end, Hubrum undertakes to maintain and strengthen a governance system in line with international best practice standards, able to deal with the complex situations in which Hubrum operates, and with the challenges it faces for sustainable development. To Hubrum, sustainability means working with the awareness of the responsibility it has towards all it stakeholders. Guaranteeing collaborative relationships based on fairness with each stakeholder is essential to the success of the projects that the Company is involved in. Hubrum’s sustainability model guides all business processes. It is oriented towards excellence and the achievement of long-term objectives to prevent, reduce and manage possible risks.

In particular, Hubrum pays attention to the acknowledgement and safeguarding of the dignity, freedom and equality of human beings, to the protection of labour and the freedom of trade unions, to health, safety, the environment and biodiversity, as well as to values and principles relating to transparency, energy efficiency and sustainable development, in accordance with international institutions and conventions. Respect is the foundation for an inclusive growth of populations and regions, and consequently of the companies that develop in them. Hubrum contributes to the creation of the socio-economic conditions required for the effective enjoyment of fundamental rights and promotes the professional growth and well-being of its own local human resources.

Code of Culture

The Code of Culture forms an integral and substantial part of our business model and is, among other things, a general, mandatory principle.

Hubrum’s Code of Culture is the same for all Hubrum Personnel.It defines quite clearly, in compliance with the law, the values that the Company recognises, accepts and shares, as well as the responsibilities that it assumes both internally and externally. It enforces correctness, loyalty, integrity and transparency in operations, behaviour, working methods and relations with other parties inside and outside the Group.

Compliance with the Code of Culture by Hubrum’s directors, statutory auditors, management and employees as well as by all those who operate to achieve Hubrum’s objectives (“Hubrum’s People”), each within their own functions and responsibilities, is of paramount importance – also pursuant to and for the effects of legal and contractual provisions governing the relationship with Hubrum – for Hubrum’s efficiency, reliability and reputation, which are all crucial factors for its success and for improving the social situation in which Hubrum operates.

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