Field Development & Planning

Deeper wells, longer laterals and remote frontier locations have unlocked significant oil and gas resources. HUBRUM delivers the field development planning solutions needed to efficiently capitalize on new and existing fields.

The world’s energy demands are always growing, and modern drilling techniques and technologies have made it possible to access previously unviable resources and to produce fields more effectively than ever before. For decades, HUBRUM has been a vital partner to the upstream oil and gas market, providing the field development planning solutions necessary to maximize ROI for onshore and offshore operations

Our team of multi-discipline engineers has provided studies for onshore and offshore reservoirs through collaboration with our customers, and using our supporting tools, we evaluate multiple development options — from acquisition and appraisal through selection and definition — and recommend the most viable options for achieving their objectives. Our field development solutions include:

  • Exploration and development strategies
  • Asset development planning
  • Surface facilities definition
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Product markets and transportation
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